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How to Protect Your Hair From Cold Weather

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The impact of cold on the hair and scalp causes the blood vessels that carry blood to the hair follicles to contract, reducing the amount of blood flow and oxygen reaching them. Anyone who lives in cold weather or receives it in each season should take care of it.

On December 21, winter begins for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere. Although many times, from early in the fall the temperatures drop drastically making it seem that winter begins earlier or is longer than it really is, ending on March 20 of the following year. During these seasons, the weather affects your body, especially the skin and therefore the hair, so a correct daily routine that keeps it hydrated and protected with the best hair products is essential to avoid damage or harmful effects that can turn her hair in a real mess. Just as you do not forget the gloves when going out in the cold weather to protect your hands, the hair also feels these effects, if you do not protect it, its delicate layers are deeply affected causing your hair to dry out, break and in some cases fall off. of the scalp. Anyone who lives in cold weather or receives it in each winter season knows perfectly what we are talking about in this article. If you did not know, add it to your beauty and hair care routine and you can see very positive results in the freshness of your hair.

As we have mentioned in other articles, hair is like a sponge that absorbs everything it receives. The weather, the wind, the heating, the cold, the climate changes affect you but if we add to this the washing and drying routine the negative effect is multiplied and that is where you must take the necessary measures so that your hair is keep healthy and fresh all winter long. The impact of cold on the hair and scalp causes the blood vessels that carry blood to the hair follicles to contract, reducing the amount of blood flow and oxygen reaching them. This can make hair detach from the scalp more easily and even if you already suffer from hair loss your problem may get worse. Additionally, the hair cuticle dries out causing it to open, expelling all the nutrients and moisture that the hair contains, causing it to become frizzy, fluffy, and sometimes unmanageable. We must also add that the natural fat that lubricates the hair stops when the entire circulatory system of the scalp is contracted by the cold, causing the hair to break very easily by not receiving the essential nutrients it needs. Now, if you think that putting on a good hat and everything is solved, you are wrong. The solution is only possible with prevention, using high quality products that deeply hydrate your hair and stimulate blood flow and oxygen to the scalp.

Let's see below 5 tips to protect your hair from the cold

1.-Use quality products in your daily hair care routine, such as the Extline line from Naturalszone, specifically designed for hair restoration, deep hydration, stimulation of circulation and oxygen to the scalp and hair loss.

2.-Give more time to the application of a deep conditioner such as Extmasque from Naturalszone with its deep hydration mask that nourishes the hair from the roots to the ends while stimulating circulation and oxygen to the scalp. Remove excess water after washing the hair, apply  Extmasque liberally with the tips of your fingers, massaging in a circular motion throughout the scalp. Comb carefully while detangling all hair and bringing product to ends. Wrap your hair in a hot towel and let it sit for at least 10 minutes or more so that all its vegan ingredients and exclusive Nutritive Cascade Technology® create a shower of peptides and natural plant proteins that deeply nourish the roots, strengthen the follicles and stimulate strong and healthy hair growth

3.-After washing and deep hydration, leave-in conditions without rinsing is essential. That is why Naturalszone created Extleave-in a deep conditioner that does not need to be rinsed out. The objective of this exceptional product is to keep your hair hydrated at all times while its vegan formula with Venezuelan cacao protects the hair follicles against free radicals, avoiding the oxidative damage that can cause premature aging and many of the modern health conditions that affect the hair, healing the scalp while moisturizing, giving elasticity, beauty and stimulating the growth of new hair. All this while Nutritive Cascade Technology® and Heatwave Technology® are in charge of protecting your hair as much as possible from inclement weather and inclement heat caused by different drying instruments such as hair straighteners, the iron, the dryer, etc. After rinsing off the  Extmasque Deep Hydration Mask with plenty of cool water, get out of the shower, blot excess water from your hair and apply Naturalszone Extleave-in moderately to your hands, then rub your fingers from the scalp to the tip to carefully continue styling and detangling your hair. If you apply a few drops of Extoils oil from Naturalszone to the Extleave-in and mix them in your hands, the final result when drying your hair will be extraordinary in care and beauty. Reducing drying time, maintaining your style for longer and leaving a crystalline shine that will not go unnoticed wherever you go.

4.-At Naturalszone we recommend not washing your hair daily, this is valid for both women and men. Once a week is more than enough, unless your life routine creates so much dirt for your hair that it requires it. It is important that the hair has time to absorb its own fat or serum that the scalp produces to hydrate it and that by using excellent quality products such as Naturalszone they will help you maintain the correct balance so that the scalp is healthy. oxygenated, free of excess fat or dryness and conducive to the growth of new hair. Most people focus on hair care and forget that hair would not be possible without the scalp that nourishes, oxygenates and pumps blood. That is why in Naturalszone our entire product line has been designed for the care and stimulation of the scalp and the beauty of the hair because without a healthy scalp it is literally impossible to maintain any hair.

5.-Always keep your hair untangled and brushed, in addition to maintaining basic hygiene standards. If you need to reshape and style your hairstyle, dampen it a bit and don't forget Naturalszone Extleave-in Leave-in Conditioner and Extoils Oil before you blow-dry, flat-iron, or tongs. This will keep your hair hydrated while protecting it from the drying heat, cold and ultraviolet rays that await you outside.

At Naturalszone we want to educate all our clients in the proper use of beauty products for hair, how they work and what are their best characteristics to achieve healthy hair based on a healthy scalp rich in blood fluid and oxygen. However, we must also understand that we are each responsible for taking care of it and that the hair is with us until the end of our days.

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