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We are a young company, founded in the beautiful city of Miami, in the south of sunny Florida, with the purpose of bringing high quality cosmetic products to all our clients. At Naturalszone we deeply believe in natural formulas that serve as the basis for all our products, providing health, beauty and quality. Free of harmful chemicals and aware of the importance of the relationship of human beings with nature and the enormous benefits it brings to their well-being. We have inspired our work in the Caribbean tropic that bathes our beaches with that sun that injects color, smell and texture to each fruit that, like the Black Cacao from Venezuela, is present in each of the designs and formulas that accompany the brand.

Our products have been designed, developed and manufactured in the United States with the strictest quality standards, supervising minute by minute the entire production, distribution and delivery process to our end customers. Taking into account the opinion of science and beauty professionals and especially our clients, who after all are the ones who use and apply our products in their day-to-day life and know how to differentiate between a product of exceptional quality, as is the Naturalszone product line, and a common one.

Feel free to use our products, enjoy them and leave your comments on our social networks and your reviews. For us, your opinion is essential and takes it very seriously for our continuous process of improvement and adaptation of products to the real-life needs of each of our customers.

Carlos Bauza - CEO / Founder
Naturalszone Inc. has been accredited by the BBB / Better Business Bureau as a company committed to integrity, ethical business practices, and customer service.
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