Extline by NaturalsZone

Extline of NaturalsZone is a intensive treatment for hair with extensions and Hair loss with natural formula combined with the most advanced technologies to give the hair the natural nutrients, resistance, The elasticity and beauty you need to support the weight of the extensions without break, dry out or weaken. With natural antioxidants that prevent hair aging and disease damage.

Protect and extend the life of hair extensions, keeping your scalp healthy, stop hair loss, grow new hair and beautiful with frequent use of naturalszone extline. Shampoo + Mask + Conditioner, An excellent treatment of protection and beauty of hair extensions. NaturalsZone produces in the United States the most luxurious and effective hair cosmetics based on natural formulas and high technology, all within the most demanding standards of quality and free of animal tests, parabens and sulfates that harm your health.

Retail Sales

We sell our products online for all our customers in the United States and around the world, in addition to being present in the most prestigious beauty salons of major cities. Each of our clients can appreciate the result of our treatment as early as in the first applications, achieving a bright, young and fresh hair that will allow the use of hair extensions is not a problem. We invite you to buy our products and leave us your comments and reviews on our social networks.

Whole Sales

If you have a store, a beauty salon or you just want to do business with us, we have open to all interested our wholesale store, where you can buy our products at wholesale prices, either in your regular presentation, or in gallons, to use them in beauty salons directly with their clients. Simple, uncomplicated, you place your order and you decide what percentage will be saved according to the number of products you buy. If you use our products in your beauty salon, your customers will thank you and will surely buy our products from you as an authorized NaturalsZone distributor.

Key Ingredients

  • Strandguard Complex®
  • Rich in Shea Butter
  • Hibiscus for Maximum Color Retaining
  • Anti-aging Replenishing Moisture
  • Nutritive Cascade Technology®
  • Plant Proteins
  • Sea Silk
  • Peptides
  • Safflower Seed
  • Olive Oil
  • Avocado Oils
  • Amazon Oil
  • Heatwave Technology®
  • Certified Organic Extracts
  • Venezuela Black Cacao
  • Paraben & Sulfate Free
  • Vegan

Key Benefits

  • Antioxidants Anti-Aging
  • Deep Hair Hydration
  • Adds Moisture & Shine
  • Keeping your Scalp Health
  • Increases Hair Elasticity
  • Stop Hair Loss
  • Grow New Hair
  • Extend the Hair Extensions Life
  • Protects Hair Extensions Union
  • Protects & Preserves Salon Color
  • Give it a More Youthful Appearance
  • Reduces Breakage
  • UV Protectors
  • Prevents Split-Ends
  • Repairs Dry & Damaged
  • Controls Unruly Hair
  • Controls Humidity-Resistant
  • Controls Frizz & Flyaways
  • Detangles Hair

NaturalsZone  introduce our exclusive extline of hair care with extensions with Antioxidant Cacao Black Beanseffects are full of phenolic phytochemicals and flavonoids, which protect the cells of your hair against free radical damage, in addition to preventing the oxidative damage that premature aging can cause and many of the modern health conditions that affect your hair.

Now NaturalsZone products are also available on Amazon.com and Canada on Amazon.ca

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