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Extline by NaturalsZone is the best intensive vegan treatment for hair restoration with damaged, fragile, with extensions or hair loss. Traction Alopecia is to use hairextensions, which when stuck or tied to the base of the hair causes roots tension until they are ripped off. It does not matter if you use hairextensions with Tape, Micro Ring, Clips, Keratin, etc. The result is the same and that is why the constant use of natural products of excellent quality as Extline by Naturalszone with antioxidante & anti-aging vegan formula,  parabens and sulfates free. It helps to heal the scalp while moisturizing, giving elasticity and beauty to your hair while stimulating the growth of new hair.

Key Benefits

  • Antioxidant Anti-Aging Properties
  • Gently Removes Dirt and Residue
  • Transforms The Hair Making It Soft, Voluminous And Full Of Life
  • Adds Moisturizer, Anti-Aging, Sunscreen, Conditioner & Hair Dye
  • Help Soothe The Scalp, Which Can Become Dry & Irritated From Color Treatments
  • Enhance Elasticity, Especially Useful For Damaged & Fragile Hair
  • Makes Hair More Resistant to Extensions Weight
  • Preventing Breakage Extensions Joints
  • Extends the Beauty of Natural Hair Extensions
  • Seals Color And Increases Hair Shine
  • Stimulate Scalp Circulation Preventing Traction Alopecia & Hair Loss
  • Adds A Protective Moisture Barrier To Seal The Hair Shaft
  • UV Protectors & Natural Antioxidants Enhance & Protect Color Retention
  • Rich In Vitamins & Minerals
  • Deeply Nourish The Root, Strengthening The Follicles & Stimulating Strong & Healthy Hair Growth
  • Reduce The Appearance of Dandruff. Moisturizing the Scalp to Prevent it From Drying Out & Flaking
  • Fight All The Frizz and Heat Damage
  • Essential Lipids, Oligopeptides & Fatty Acids
  • Replenish The Strength, Resilience & Shine
  • Heat Protenting
  • Protects & Preserves Salon Color
  • Providing Long-Lasting Style Retention
  • Breakage Reduces
  • Split-Ends Prevents
  • Dry & Damaged Repairs
  • Unruly Hair Controls
  • Humidity-Resistant Controls
  • Frizz & Flyaways Controls
  • Detangles Hair

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